What the Hell is Git….!

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$ mkdir Demo
$ cd Demo
$ git init

Understanding “.git” Folder Structure

Lightweight tag

These are the simplest way to add a tag to your git repository because they store only the hash of the commit they refer to. They are created with the absence of the -a, -s, or -m options and do not contain any extra information. lets start to create one lightweight tag. For creating tag just run below command.

$ git tag Dev

Annotated tag

Annotated tags store extra metadata such as author name, release notes, tag-message, and date as full objects in the Git database. All this data is important for a public release of your project. we can create annotated tag by running below command “-a” specifies annotated and “-m” specifies message.

$ git tag -a Prod -m "Iam Annotated tag"



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